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Frequently asked questions

Where do you deliver to?

Our storage facility is still based in Friendswood, TX. We will deliver anywhere from Galveston to Houston! Cities like Pearland, Alvin, League City, Webster, Hitchcock, Deer Park, Santa Fe, La Porte, Seabrook, Kemah, Texas City, Dickinson, and of course our hometown: Friendswood!

Can we pick up?

For orders with less than 5 tables and/or 50 chairs we do offer customer pick up in Friendswood on Fridays only. For any order with more than 5 tables and/or 50 chairs we do require delivery. Please contact one of our team members to place a reservation or get exact pricing at 281-996-5025

is there a daily charge?

Most of our pricing includes renting from Saturday to Monday, or for events in the middle of the week we would deliver the day before your event and pick up the day after. We do not charge a daily fee or a deposit! Reserving is also free until one week prior to the delivery.

Don't see your question? Call today to speak with one of our team members at 281-996-5025

Our Journey

Dorothy and Ray Allison's entrepreneurial journey began in 1984 when they owned a small shop in Friendswood to sell paper and janitorial supplies. As the business grew, they expanded their offerings to include party supplies and moonwalk rentals. In 1992, they purchased a plot of land off of 528 RD and built Bay Area Wholesale. Dorothy and Ray's dedication and hard work helped the business thrive and expand over the years, and by 1996 they we're doing business as The Party Store, which became a beloved destination for party planning. Despite the passing of Dorothy in 2013, her husband has continued to manage The Party Store.

In April 2024 the retail side of the business closed down. Nevertheless, the store still offers rentals and remains committed to providing the best possible service to its clients.

Thank you to all of our customers over the many years!

Rental Agreement

Instead of a deposit The Party Store Rentals holds a copy of a card on file. We reserve the right to hold all card information for at least 30 days after the rental date to ensure everything rented is in proper working and renting condition.

If anything on a rental item is damaged, missing, or not up to par with the condition it was given to the renter in, The Party Store Rentals reserves the right to charge the full price for replacing or repairing said items.

Cleaning fees may vary depending on the hourly rate of the employee cleaning the rented items. We advise the renter in order to avoid cleaning fees, that all items are returned without food or drink residue, tape, mud, grass, paint, glitter, or any difficult to remove substances in the opinion of The Party Store Rentals. For inflatables we understand if there’s natural grass or mud from outdoor elements. As a reminder NO SHOES, SHARP OBJECTS, FOOD, DRINKS, CANDY, CONFETTI, GUM OR ANY STICKY SUBSTANCES are allowed on the blow ups. If any rental items take more time to clean than usual, fines may vary and can be charged without notice.

If items are kept longer than their rental dates The Party Store Rentals reserves the right to charge the cost of the rental per day until all the items are returned or the items value are paid for in full. After 7 days past the due back date if the item's value isn’t totaled by the charges since the rental began, The Party Store Rentals reserves the right to charge the full balance due to pay for the value of the rented items without notice.

Cancellations and rescheduling must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to the rental date in order to receive reimbursement or to be rescheduled. If the renter fails to cancel or reschedule 24 hours prior to the rental date The Party Store Rentals reserves the right to refuse a refund.

The Party Store Rentals reserves the right not to be held responsible for injury occurring to the renter or any persons using the rented property and agrees to hold The Party Store Rentals free and harmless against injury claims or property damage. 

The Party Store Rentals has been in business for over 40 years. We promise the security of your information and ensure to only charge what is necessary for us to continue to service the amazing customers that help us thrive. Thank you for choosing us for your event and please treat our property with care.

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